We, the Birds

We, the Birds
Street road trip from Lola Lafon
Produced by the Fugaces company
Created on 2013


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  • La chasse au trésor
  • Pédro vous attend
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We, the Birds is a road trip made for two comedy actresses in motion along the streets. It tells the story of Voltairine - the devastated, the dancing-girl that ceased to dance - and the Little Girl at the End of the Path - who brandishes her writings, questions everything and admits nothing (to the extent of losing control, by comparison with a society that "works").

Their encounter gets them out of the ambient torpor, and makes them decide to take the road. Scene after scene, they begin to write their questions upon the walls of the city, and get rid of their fears. They will soon face their freedom. But once at the end of the path, how can you get back?

For this spectacle, the work I was asked to do is a writing for two instruments, played live by the two comedy actresses of the project. Accordion and trumpet: that's my first constraint, along with the walking of the performers, who handle at the same time the story they are telling and the movements of the audience.

As a result, I had got to find a "moving forward" music, that is to say incorporating itself to the play, while fitting closely to its moving aspect. So I looked for a music going forward, in a positive impulse, but including also a strong link to the past, a link to a personal grief. These different components had to work together, in the form as well as in the substance, in order to reveal this music...


Text, adaptation and interpretation: Laura Dahan, Cécile Le Meignen.
Stage direction: Kim Aubert.
Scenography: Anaïs Blanchard, Stéphanie Sacquet.
Music: Corentin Colluste.
Costumes: Laure Béquignon.
Choreography: Héloise Défarges.
Distribution: Anne Leroy.
Advices: Fred Michelet, Manu Moser.


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  • © Marie Figuet
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