A Free Tune

A Free Tune
Bi-monthly web-radio program
Produced by the web-radio Le Frigo
Created on 2011


  • Un Air Libre n°32
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"He puts his microphone in the middle of a conversation, or in the forest, he records himself in the garden, at the telephone, opens the window to make a construction site being heard. These sounds adorn his music - the inverse is also true - and are his inspiration as much as his context. And in the course of these different audio editions, we finally hung upon his interior thought." Hervé Marchon, Libé Labo, in a personal translation.

Two Sundays by month, Corentin Colluste, a wandering composer, sends us an audio postcard addressed to someone he knows. Each new time, we can hear him talking about a music being elaborated, transformed, created. From the place he stands come different atmospheres that could prove to influence the way he writes, the way he composes...

A Free Tune is a regular appointment that gives me - as a logbook - a clear framework to my tasks and reflections. Every project has got its own calendar; this one keeps an implacable regularity, and this precision permits me to have a good visibility on time.

This short audio program is also a pretext to devote me to frequent sound recordings, in which I often include close people and work partners...

Since septembre 2012, the audio editions of A Free Tune had acquired a new dimension: each postcard is clearly addressed to one person in particular, changing from one edition to an other. Therefore, I can specify my speech while hoping this will open the program to a larger panel of listeners, seeing that the way I speak is each time a bit different.


Conception and setting up: Corentin Colluste.
Advices and technical support: Julie Roué, Malo Thouément.


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  • © Elodie Vernhes
  • © Elodie Vernhes


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