Musical theatre spectacle from Sophocle and Henry Bauchau
Produced by the Ubürik group
Created on 2012 at The Bastringue Theatre, Cosne d'Allier, Auvergne, France.


  • Stasimon III - Version concert piano-voix

In our cultural context and situation, how can we tackle Sophocle's play ? What vision can we have of the opposition between two high figures like Creon and Antigone ?

Can we see in Antigone an involved woman, confronted to a tyrannical political leader (who wants to protect his culture and his land's traditions) ? Or can we see a fanatical Antigone, ready for anything in order to make divine laws being respected (in front of a Creon who guarantees the civil and secular laws) ?

The Ubürik group is not willing to build a theatre that makes choices for the audience. It doesn't want a theatre to give clear conscience, or to define where the good side and the bad side are. On the contrary, it wants to create discussion, questioning, may be doubt...

Writing a music for a rock group (here electric cello, electric bass, drums and glockenspiel), symbolizing at one time the complete power of the king and the rebellion of his niece, led me to develop a musical vocabulary of the confrontation idea. The rhythmic oppositions (binary / ternary, repetitive cells / progressive lines, etc.) have added to the songs' atmosphere, directly drawn from the antic Greek chorus, a conflict climax.

The songs and the instrumental music punctuate the play and make part of the history we're telling about. The chorus sums up the past actions and in the same time exceeds what is said between the different characters. The notions of love, triumph and feast are mostly present.


Text : Katérina Apostolopoulou.
Direction : Kim Aubert.
Music : Corentin Colluste.  
Interpretation : Béatrice Aubazac, Benjamin Candotti-Besson, Corentin Colluste, Léa Debarnot, Laura Dahan, Muriel Lefebvre, Mathieu Moriconi.
Costumes : Laure Becquignon.
Lights : Nicolas Ameil.
Sound : Benjamin Miller.


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