Waiting For Yesterday

Waiting For Yesterday
Animation short-film
Produced by Helicotronc
Created on 2011 at The Bozar, Bruxelles, Belgium.


  • Le refus d'une mort heureuse
  • Quelque chose à savoir
  • Le défilé cynique

Sadness and loneliness have filled Jake's heart since he lost his wife Sophie in a tragic accident. After years of grieving he decides to take matters into his own hands, but soon he has to realize that things do not turn out the way he had foreseen.

"Self-taught man in 3D animation, Patrick Junghans gives us a first short-film, clever combination of real shots and animated characters.

The first scene, showing the hero opening his eyes reveals perfectly the neatness carried to the skin, the hair and (overall) to the amazing eyes of Jake. The screenplay, on its side, brings out the loneliness of this desperate man.

In the background, a big industrial city seems accelerated: the cars are passing at full speed meanwhile the forsaken lover is moving in slow-motion, accentuating the impression that his own life stopped when the woman he loved happened to die". Simon Van Cauteren, in a personal translation.

The sort-film Waiting For Yesterday represented a golden occasion for me to tackle a first writing for a string quartet. I wanted a straight way of writing, with textures that could be sensitive and precise in the same time.

In order to accompany Jake's loneliness, I couldn't imagine a solo instrument. So I planned to describe a context, a situation of facts the character couldn't do anything but trying to accept. The image of the Greek Moires, so conniving they can easily act without speaking, guided me along this quartet writing. I tried to transcribe in this music the way time and death are manipulating us, dealing with us to make puppets of us...


Image and direction: Patrick Junghans.
Music: Corentin Colluste.
Musical nterpretation: Juliana Laska (cello), Maria Melashvili, Elena Mineva (violins), Sandra Tavard (viola).
Sound: Yves de Mey.
Production: Anthony Rey.


  • © Patrick Junghans
  • © Patrick Junghans
  • © Patrick Junghans


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